best free slot games-Fox Business Host Says Trump Never Went After A 'Group' But Receipts Say Otherwise

A Fox Business host’s claim about former President Donald Trump is being called part of the “Great American Forgetting Project.”

While discussing President Joe Biden’s “semi-fascism” remark about the MAGA movement last week with “One Nation” host Brian Kilmeade, Sean Duffy name-dropped several politicians who Trump attacked, including former President George Bush and late Sen. John McCain. But Duffy suggested Trump kept himself in check.


“He went after people individually, but he never went after a whole group of people,” Duffy said. “The Donald Trump voter, the MAGA voter who loves America, salutes the flag, stands for the national anthem, works hard ― Joe Biden goes after 70 million plus voters, politically, Brian, is insanity.”

Listen to Duffy’s comments and Kilmeade’s response below:

“You know, you look at Donald Trump’s presidency, and Donald Trump used harsh language. … He went after people individually, but he never went after a whole group of people.”

— Eric Kleefeld (@EricKleefeld) August 30, 2022

Despite Duffy’s claim, Trump has criticized groups of people in the past, including remarks he made about Mexicans in his first speech as a presidential candidate in 2015 and his “shithole” countries comment about Haiti and the entire continent of Africa. During a 2016 Republican debate, he also claimed “a lot” of Muslims hate the U.S.

Trump’s many derogatory statements about certain groups of people weren’t lost on Twitter users, either:


Trans soldiers
People from “shithole countries”
Nasty women
Democratic poll workers
Everyone from Philadelphia

— itsonlyzach (@itsonlyzach) August 30, 2022

The Asian delegation would like a word please.

— alison goh 吴瑄玮 (@alisonhgoh) August 31, 2022

I'm watching this, and of course it's absurd, but it occurs to me that a ton of people don't actually remember how Trump launched his campaign for 2016

— Nathan Tankus (@NathanTankus) August 31, 2022

Republicanism causes goldfish brain, chapter 71562

— Friday Night Music Party is people, it's people! (@BereftOfTheDial) August 31, 2022

The citizens of sh!thole countries would collectively like a word.

As would the inhabitants of the "dangerous and filthy" Baltimore . . .

— Barredbard 🇺🇦 (@Barredbard) August 31, 2022


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