slot machine rental-John Pennycuick: The British

Col. John Pennycuick in his military uniform
Image caption, John Pennycuick is a revered figure in Tamil Nadu state

An Indian state has gifted the bust of a colonial-era British engineer to his hometown of Camberley in England.

The statue of Colonel John Pennycuick - donated by southern Tamil Nadu state - will be unveiled on 10 September at a public park in Camberley, 50km (31 miles) from London.

Pennycuick is a revered figure in Tamil Nadu for designing and building the Mullaperiyar dam, which provides water for drinking and irrigation to five districts in the state.

The 127-year-old dam has long been a source of tension between Tamil Nadu and neighbouring Kerala state, which has often called for its demolition.

But Pennycuick's legacy remains strong in Tamil Nadu, especially in the five districts which get water from Mullaperiyar. In one of them, Theni, photos of Pennycuick hang in shops, homes and government offices. Many baby boys are named Pennycuick while some have named their daughters Sarah after the engineer's mother.

"His work has not yet been fully recognised. Only people in our state [Tamil Nadu] knew about him," says Santhana Ibrahim, a London-based documentary maker who is the driving force behind the project to install the statue.

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